Welcoming Remarks

We are honored and delighted to welcome you to the 20th Technological Advances in Science, Medicine and Engineering International Conference at SicKids Hospital and University of Toronto. This conference was initiated in 1996, two decades ago, by a small number of enthusiastic faculty and scientists with small meetings which were held at the university of Guelph. TASME is now hosted at SickKids in Toronto and has expanded with the participation of students and postdocs during the last 10 years. We hope that TASME will continue to grow. Over the years, we have covered a wide range of scientific topics that include basic research and translational applications in the medical, engineering and computational fields.  Our mission is to showcase the latest contributions in the advancement of these areas, and to enable collaborations within the scientists in our community. We hope that this communal gathering of scientific minds will inspire and motivate our younger generation to pursue a career in these fields that uplift  our world. Our past conferences were excellent with outstanding presentations and have provided an ideal opportunity to meet the like-minded within our community. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this organization, we are delighted to have a large number of participants from many parts of the country and from around the world. 

Our agenda is rich and varied with seven scientific sessions, one poster session, one panel discussion, short presentation from several organizations, social activities and numerous opportunities for informal networking.  We are honored to have well-established professors and scientists from diverse fields presenting their work here. Again it is our hope that today’s presentations will motivate the students, trainees, and young researchers to strive and reach their potential in the future.

This year, our participants range from professors, MDs, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students (MSc, PhD, MD/PhD) and undergraduate students. We even have some high school students and science fair award winners. Also, the conference features several organizations in attendance. A number of these organizations have goals that are representative of those of TASME. We are committed to bringing together the best talents from our scientific community and fostering their growth.  In addition, TASME will be presenting a number of awards to individuals who have contributed significantly to their respective fields. We hope that you will benefit from this year’s conference and like to thank all the participants, committee members and students who worked very hard to make TASME2016 as a successful event. 

Thank you and best wishes!

Dr Nades Palaniyar, SickKids/University of Toronto, Canada 

Dr Bala Maheswaran, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA 

TASME 2016 chairs